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October 18, 2013

Li-Fi to Replace Wi-Fi | Faster than Wi-Fi

Li-Fi Environment
Photo credit: Boston University
Chinese scientists have found a unique way to connect to the Internet . In this technology signal for the Internet connection will be sent via Light Bulbs instead of via radio wave . This method may caused a stir in the world of internet .
Professor of Fudan University in Shanghai, Shi Nan, said Instead of radio frequency if same thing is done via light , then one watt LED bulb can connect 4 computers to the Internet . "

According to Shi Nan , LED bulb fitted with microchips has data rate of up to 150 megabits per second, which is more than average broadband speeds.

Harald Haas of Britain's University of Edinburgh and the technology has named it - LiFi (Li-Fi) . Being Light Communication it is named as Li-Fi on the basis of Wi-Fi.

Brought to the point that - Li-Fi is much faster and  is cheaper than other methods with the currently available. Internet users still have to wait a bit  for Li-Fi. There is still some improvement needed. The problem is that when the light is interrupted , the signal breaks , which interferes with connectivity .

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