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August 9, 2013

How To Refresh All Drives of HDD in a Single Click

Sometimes we feel pain because of slow processing of Computer. Sometimes the running program may show a message like "Not Responding". Sometimes the system may completely fail to complete the operation you want. So generally we follow some tricks to make our Computer System more faster. We try delete unnecessary files from our Computer System also we use some more tricks to make our Computer System more faster.


But Refreshing the Drives of the Hard Disk is one of those effective tricks. So I'm sharing a simple trick to refresh all the Drives at a time in a Single Click. Just follow the Steps given below and make your Computer more faster now!

Steps to Refresh All Drives of HDD in Single Click

  • Open a Notepad Document
  • Now copy exact code below mentioned without quotes.
"Echo off
  • Now save the file as .bat extension ex: "Refresh Drive.bat" NOT "Refresh Drive.bat.txt"
  • Now double click and open your file, It will automatically Refresh your all drives very easily. 
Note: If you  have more drives in your computer then you can add Drives in codes or you can also decrease the codes if you have less drives.

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