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December 17, 2012

Simple Ways To Save Your Android Phone Battery

Hello Readers, today we are back with few tips on how to save your Android smartphone battery. Android is becoming the best and most common mobile OS and people are just engaging in it enhancing it day by day for more productivity and comfort use, well but all these things are taking some part of your battery and you are left out with a nil battery sign. This will surely make you unhappy, so we have come up with following tips.

Tips To Save Your Android Phone Battery

Selecting the Energy Efficient apps:

Since you own an Android no doubt you have enormous way to explore and you can have millions of application as your choice but never be harsh to your battery. Many of your android apps drain the battery and make you stand with the discharged box that is useless in way not even for call. Better you select the apps and use it for the concise time so that you become not only a smart phone user also a smart user. Applications which turn the screen light on for long time which requires GPS and other radio services must be used for the minimum time and after use it should be turn off.

Check for unwanted features:

Check the unwanted features of the phone that your are not using but it’s still running on your battery like Wi-Fi searching Bluetooth and GPS. Turn GPS on 5 min before you need it otherwise it’s your smartness to turn it off. Turn the UMTS/HSPA (3G) mode off if not using it. Work in GSM mode when not using the Packet Data service.

Disabling Auto-Sync of Apps:

Apps auto syncing features simply allows apps to use data connection anytime they want to, so if there is any update they will automatically start updating without showing you any notification so this feature should be turned off. You can access this feature by going in Settings > Accounts and Sync Settings. 

 Avoid Live Wallpapers:

Live wallpaper may look good but it’s not energy efficient so thing of it Android phone support lots of life saving widgets on the home screen. They all are useful but if you are using a lot of them that may cause the drainage of your battery. Use the minimum widgets and from the trusted vendors.

Using Battery Saving Apps:

Many Android developers are coming up with some battery saving applications that aim on controlling your device overall functionality by getting down excessive battery usage. So I recommend that you should check for some apps like My battery drain analyzer, Deep sleep battery saver and other ones that will surely give some more battery workout.

In Critical:

Most of the Android phone alert you when the battery level is at 15-20 so its time to be more intelligent do the following
  • Switch to GSM mode
  • Switch to low brightness
  • Use the dark wallpaper
  • Turn of off the
  • Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/Home Screen widgets and music and all until you find a source to recharge.
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